Please accept my apologies and alert me right away if I have mislabled your dog’s photo! I did try to keep them straight, but there was a bit of confusion. I appreciate the four-footed models so much, they are all so dear. I will send out email alerts to the humans as promised later tonight, after I feed my two-foots…

2 thoughts on “Details

    • Megan – not that I’m aware of – I have checked it on 3 computers. Are you using the link? The actual photos are in a separate gallery – if the link isn’t working for you, copy
      and paste into your browser bar to see them, then vote here on the blog. Sorry, I wasn’t happy with the way the images were displayed on the blog. If you’re doing that and can’t see them in the smugmug gallery, maybe it’s a pop-up blocker or something? If you still can’t see them, please email me the browser and platform you’re running, and I’ll see if I can replicate the problem and figure it out…you need to see them, they are such cute little doggehs!

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