Supermodels on Superbowl Sunday

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Absolutely the only downside to being a pet photographer is massive pet envy, and it’s not easy being green. Carmen and Hurley (Mastiff!) are not only good looking, they have the mellow demeanor of their human caretaker and I love, love them! They also share their home with 2 human teenagers and 4 kitties – one elusive feline is not pictured, but I think you have to agree, these three are super photogenic! Thank you, A, for welcoming me into your home, and allowing me to play with the four foots!


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I blogged last summer about the fantastic experience our family had at the Kitsap Humane Society, purr-curing Tumbler, kitty-in-residence at my dad and step-mom’s house; However, at that time I had NO idea of the scope and breadth of importance one little cast-off could have on his housemates. My dad retired at the end of August, and Tumbler has eased the transition fantastically. Tumbler’s neurological disorder is now nearly invisible – he has gained 4 pounds and can now jump up on inappropriate things, no longer stumbles, and is an endless source of entertainment. Dad and Tumbler nap together, play Tinkertoys and all sorts of games I didn’t know cats play. Tumbler waits outside the bathroom while Dad showers, and I’ve heard that my dad is even the “box attendant” – now that is love. We are constantly learning new things about Tumbler – we don’t always think to ask, so he has taken to writing letters to my kids. Nimble with the keyboard, he dictates to Dad when the computer is not available. I do not have conversations with my dad without him bringing up what a great cat he has. It is truly impossible to think of  life without him – thank you KHS!

I get by with a little help from my friends…

It can be hard to be the blog dog…in the rainy winter months… when you’re the muse and your person is working on some new techniques…it’s good to have some supportive (and cozy) friends!

This photo got me thinking especially today about all the friends who have helped me with my business – whether you trusted me to capture images of your furbabies and kids, watched my kiddos so I could so I could take those photos, shared some knowledge, listened to my ideas, showed my work to your friends, advised me in a workshop setting, printed products I was proud to deliver, “liked” my Facebook page (, subscribed to the blog (click “Follow” up above!), participated in a contest or provided an opportunity for me to display some samples at your event or business, I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU! Thanks for the love.


Krista & Baby E

I had the opportunity to photograph such a great family in January. I thought they were styled perfectly (LOOOOOVVE me some toddler boots!). Mom was so calm and mellow (with a baby and a two year old!) that the baby fell asleep, Dad was very cooperative and into it – loved them! Krista’s doll is named “Baby E” and they were a crack up. I thought it was so sweet that she kept kissing her baby brother, until I heard her momma admonish her, “No biting.” Oops! It looked like she was kissing him…

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Austin, Kelsey & Mr. Snickers

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I was able to spend a fun afternoon in December with Austin & Kelsey, and here’s a peek at the results. They are such great kids, smart and honest and funny – they are lucky to have such a terrific mom (who better be ready, because I’m getting her in the picture next time!).  And what can I say about Mr. Snickers, except isn’t he just the cutest thing? LOVE!