Last Day to Vote!

It is the last day to vote for your favorite pet’s photo! See the blog posting below to vote if you haven’t, and send a link to your friends and family if you’ve already voted.  I will announce the winner tomorrow – thanks so much to all who participated, I am excited to find out who the winner is!

Let the voting begin!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support the Kitsap Humane Society’s PetsWalk 2011! We had a great time and your beautiful dogs had me drooling worse than Dante (see St Bernard)! Here is the link for the photo contest. First click on the link: and choose your favorite “mug shot”, then come back and vote! You can “like” and “share” as much as you want (please do!), but just one vote each, please. Send the link and have your friends and family vote for your (or your favorite) pooch – the contestant with the most votes as of Sunday, May 29 at 9pm wins a free session with FourFootPhotography and a $40 print credit.


Please accept my apologies and alert me right away if I have mislabled your dog’s photo! I did try to keep them straight, but there was a bit of confusion. I appreciate the four-footed models so much, they are all so dear. I will send out email alerts to the humans as promised later tonight, after I feed my two-foots…