Tank ~ the English Bulldog

I LOVE it when people gift my services – 1) I am an avid gift-giver myself 2) It is so thoughtful to gift something you know someone will treasure, especially if it is something they would not have done for themselves 3) I get to meet really awesome people and pets… But enough about me! In September I had a display booth at the PAWS of Bainbridge Wagfest, as I have each of the last 3 years: 2013 , 2011 – I will have to search for 2012! I met Derek, who was helping his friend at another vendor booth, and we talked about doing a gift certificate for another friend’s birthday. Derek and Tara surprised their friend Jessica on her birthday with a session and print credit for her English Bulldog, Tank. The day Jessica and I set up for the session was rainy and cold, but Jessica wanted to give it a go, so we met at Silverdale Waterfront Park. Tank is adorable, as is Jessica, and they were stoic about the weather, so we ended up with MANY fun images to choose from. Tank’s quirky characteristics, like his Dalmatian-spotted ears and fabulous underbite, Jessica credits to puppy mill breeding, and though her rescue dog’s health issues have cost her “enough to buy a new car,” her love for her companion, and his adoration of her makes it all worthwhile. Here are some of my favorites!

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Merry Christmas! Winter Lighting Challenge – Bokeh Shapes

This week’s challenge had to do with creating shapes by manipulating the aperture. I bought this teeny Nativity set made of beans on Etsy a few weeks ago, “Holy Frijoles!” I knew I wanted to photograph it because, c’mon, it is so stinkin’ cute! I thought it would be neat to put stars in the sky, and am fairly pleased with the result. I am learning so much by doing! Great to get outside the old comfort zone. I have another blog post planned for before Christmas, so don’t mind an early holiday greeting!











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Mason ~ South Kitsap High School Senior – Kitsap County Photographer ~ Four Foot Photography

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I LOVE photographing High School Seniors! There is just something about the place where childhood meets adulthood that is nothing short of magical, and gets me all verklempt. Sweet, childlike vulnerability lingers just under the surface of this confidant, exuberant, full-of-life and filled-with-possibilities-and-promise honest to goodness grown-up. The air around them feels tinged with excitement, their parents’ pride at a job well {if not nearly} done is palpable. It is my great honor to document this time for both senior and family. It makes me happy. That is all.

Mason, South Kitsap High School Class of 2013. I know Mason’s parents to be hard working, tireless and giving, and their children are the ultimate beneficiaries of lives well and thoughtfully lived. Mason is very accomplished at audio/visual work, and as you will see from his attire, has firmly chosen the next step on his life path! It will be a treat to see what this young man brings to the world.

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Painting with Light

Ooh, this week’s lighting challenge was a fun one! Way to fire up the creativity – I enlisted the help of my 8-year-old, and we have great plans to do this again! He had some great ideas – moustache! octopus! stick figure! and enjoyed getting to trigger the shutter for once. I know this post is heavy on the psychedelic lightsaber battle, but they had trouble choosing a favorite. The 6-year-old liked having Princess Leia hair…

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Pictures with Santa! Kitsap County Photographer ~ Four Foot Photography

I was fortunate to meet Beth Rivard at the Mason County Humane Society‘s Pets in the Park event this summer, and then again at Gig Harbor Midday Rotary Club’s Harbor Hounds in September. Beth works with the Prison Pet Partnership, and wondered if I would be interested in photographing their Pets & Santa fundraiser…WOULD I?! Yes!

Saturday, December 7th was the date chosen, and what a great time I had! The pavillion at Sehmel Homestead Park was a great, HEATED venue {hint, hint…I would L-O-V-E to photograph a wedding there!}, and there was terrific volunteer and board member support, Santa was at his best! Thanks so much to Prison Pet Partnership, their grooming and boarding clients, and some special Four Foot Photography clients, it was a successful first for the Prison Pet Partnership and Four Foot Photography. ALL proceeds benefit the Prison Pet Partnership. My supportive friends at Mud Bay Gig Harbor provided $5 coupons for participants, and print product pickup will be at their amazing retail location, 4816 Point Fosdick Drive NW Suite 102, Gig Harbor. Already I am looking forward to next year!

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Backlighting at night

This was not what I had planned for “backlighting at night”, but we lost our power not one, but two nights this week, so this was the perfect opportunity! Kiddos and I built a fort and luckily one of the lanterns held up – we are apparently without much in the way of flashlights (which may be largely due to having a six and an eight year old in the house). While the shots aren’t technically good, I love the emotion. Hopefully I will get a chance to create the image that came to mind with the assignment!

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Starry Night Skies

This week’s challenge, starry night skies, was a stretch for me. I hadn’t tried photographing the stars before, and only had one clear night this week to try it, so….I have learned from my mistakes, and will try it again soon!











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