Sweet Sixteen

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Byngham was the winner of FourFootPhotography’s Pet’s Walk 2011 Photo Contest, and a gorgeous subject he was! Tragically, Byngham had cancer and passed shortly after his photos were taken. This post is to introduce Landon Harris Veal, Byngham’s younger brother – I think you’ll agree, he’s a looker! Oh, I cried a little this time, too – but they were happy tears. Byngham left us on the 16th, his momma found out about Landon’s litter on the 16th, and she brought Landon home on the 16th (yup, just last week!). Sweet 16, meant to be.


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Some, like my friend Jen, are in our lives for the long haul (we’re at 34 years and counting!) – others, like her kitty Halley, are shooting stars, physically present only briefly, yet the lessons we learn from them remain. Jen left her teaching job, friends and LA life behind last year and moved home to care for her aging parents. She has never looked back, and handles the stress and challenges with nothing short of grace, patience and humor. I am in awe of her fortitude and attitude; I am in awe of her. She is a voice of reason, a passionate supporter of human rights. She leads by example, stands against injustice, is informed and engaged, generous and considerate, has great taste and never lets me get away with anything. She actively engages life, glass blowing, visiting friends, going to concerts and our high school reunion, taking care of herself physically and emotionally.  I love you, man.

Halley, short for Hallelujah, was living “on the streets,” having been fed by a neighbor once her elderly owner moved to assisted living, when Jen befriended and adopted her in August. She pieced together Halley’s story, took her to the vet and into her heart. A few weeks ago I got a text from Jen asking me to come take photos – that Halley’s cheek was swollen, the vet did bloodwork in preparation for a dental procedure and found that she had only a month to live. As devasted as she is by the diagnosis, Jen set about to make this the best month of Halley’s life: special lickable food for “critical care” kitties, lots of petting, a rhinestone collar, a soft bed, and a photoshoot so we’ll always have a tiny piece of this sweet girl with us. Halley is resiliently pushing the envelope, not showing any signs of weakening and, in fact, proudly brought home a bird the other day (ewwwwww).

 Jen and Halley, Halley and Jen ~ Hallelujah, Amen.


Having honed his craft over the past 17 years, the aptly named Sneaky was a hoot to shoot! Like a true diva, he could not be found when it was his turn on the catwalk (sorry – couldn’t help myself!). Once located and reluctantly cajoled on location, his disdain for the pawpurrazzi was readily apparent. He was not going to look at the camera, and made it his mission to stealthily put as much distance between himself and the camera as possible. I was so not worth his time ~ he was unequivocally worth mine. Sneaky, you are one cool cat.

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Ms. Dahlia belongs to the fabulous Kerry Kornish, office manager for Woodside Animal Hospital in Port Orchard and quite possibly the most patient woman in the world! She has been waiting and waiting to see Dahlia’s photos, I hope you agree it was worth it! Soon Dahlia will be on FourFootPhotography’s display wall at Woodside – hope you get a chance to check it out!

Waiting for my ship to come in…

Recently I was asked by a client to photograph a gathering of Navy wives & families as they waited for their husbands & fathers, sons & brothers to return from a stint at sea. Always up for an adventure and a chance to learn something new (generally from my mistakes), I packed up my trusty Canon and hopped in an enormous SUV packed with kids, dogs, cooler, chairs, etc. Did you know they make retractable running boards? So. Extremely. Cool.

The idea was that I would be taking pictures, so the families could be in the moment and not worry too much about getting the shot – airhorns, anyone? Turns out, I saw some pretty fancy cameras, some savvy photographers, and I would be willing to bet my shots weren’t the best taken, but I did enjoy it so, and I hope there are a few keepers in the bunch!

Here are a few images of the evening that left an indelible impression on my heart. It was a true privilege to witness the sense of community and commitment these women are bound by. They are every bit as brave and noble as any warrior. I was struck by their passion, their hope and their isolation, even within the crowd.

 God Bless America.

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