I’m a lucky dog…and cat…and dog…and cat, cat, cat

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These fortunate felines and catered-to canines are so lucky to live with Ms. Sherry and her family! A more genuine, kind, animal loving person you will not find.

Not quite time for bunnies yet, so here’s the tortoise!

I have mentioned before that my family has been very supportive of my business…perhaps no one more than my cousin, Karena, who has a seemingly never-ending supply of critters available for model calls! Two Golden Retrievers, chameleons, tree frogs, fish, a tiny swimming turtle, electric blue lobster, a pregnant Guinea Pig, three gorgeous blonde boys (how lucky are they?) and more! Watch out when I get a macro lens! This is Biggie, inherited by Karena and her husband, Andrew a few years back – he went from serving platter size to ginormous, apparently preferring the Great Northwest to Southern California. When last I heard, he was 65 lbs! My favorite thing about Biggie is that he eats dandelions – their yard is gorgeous! We’ll be doing a more extensive shoot when the weather warms up a bit! 

Titan and Chai

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I love a happy ending…especially when it is more beginning than ending! Meet Titan and Chai, a couple of rescue puppies that have found their forever home. Titan is an 11 month old American Staffordshire Terrier, who came to Port Orchard from a California shelter. He is currently taking obedience classes, and his people have high hopes for his higher education, and what he will do beyond the basics (modeling, perhaps?). Titan is a big, sweet love! He is also passionate about making his sister, Chai (just 5 1/2  months!), feel comfortable and confident. These two love to play! Chai has some agility in her future. And seriously, those eyes! Those ears! It was all too much for this pet photographer! I was fortunate to meet them at Jackson Park in Port Orchard last week for a session, on a beautiful, sunny day.