Finn…Obedience School Graduate

Here’s Finn, a recent graduate of Shooting Star Service’s obedience class. April Franz is passionate about educating people along with their dogs. A lifelong animal lover, April has a Sheltie, a Belgian Malinois, two cats and a chinchilla (and a very kind husband). In addition to being a Certified Animal Trainer, April works at Woodside Animal Hospital and Pet Town in Port Orchard. 


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Some of you may be aware of my 4 year old daughter’s intense, year-and-a-half-long obsession with poodles, which was apparently brought about by eating at “The Poodle Dog” restaurant in Fife. She has been on me relentlessly, “When can we get my poodle dog?” – to the point that ALL she wanted for her birthday was a poodle. Nevermind that the family dog is a rescued Bichon Frise, about the poodley-est non-poodle you can find. As an appeasement, for her birthday we gave him a poodle cut (sorry, buddy!), which made her happy. NOW she’s in heaven, as I’ve been editing my session with not one, but TWO poodles!  Ty and Brook are dear souls who reside with Janice in Bremerton. Apricot in color (it’s darker when it’s longer), Ty is a miniature poodle, and Brook is a teacup. They are 5 years old and love playing with their cousin, Oscar Meyer (!), a miniature longhaired dachshund, and gobbling up the delicious treats Janice bakes for them.  The admiration, in this group, is definitely mutual.

A Whole Lotta Love…

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  Friend, Friend, Wonderful Friend! Married – my truly fabulous friend is getting MARRIED! Getting hitched…tying the knot…I almost don’t have the words to explain (but I’ll try!) what it means to me to see my longtime friend so happy and so in love. And then, to have the chance to document a love story in process, well, that is just cool beans. So meet Christy and Kevin, two people who know it isn’t easy, but who make me believe it is worth it. Don’t you love the way he looks at her? And Isn’t. She. Fabulous?

Wonderful World of Westies

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As promised, here is a sneak peek of Molly and Angus, two of the luckiest Westies in the world. Molly and Angus live with Chris, who is devoted to them almost beyond measure, and Mufasa, who is…not. While he was singularly unwilling to pose with the dogs, the shot of the fabulous feline Mufasa is one of my very favorites. There is something magical about these little dynamos and the gorgeous yard Chris works so hard on – when you see the one with Molly in front of the bright flowers, you’ll know what I mean!

Hunter becomes the Hunted…

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Poor Hunter is quite used to having his photo taken (I mean, really, just look at him, isn’t he fabulous?), but he was not prepared for the industrial click of “Big Momma,” my Canon. Hunter, who is one year old, lives with Tobey (see the previous post), Ally and Mr. Sprinkles (although he is not granted unsupervised visitation with Mr. Sprinkles, a Betta fish) . Sometimes Tobey is a little much for Hunter, and I added “stranger danger” and The Click. He was on High Alert, but was coolly professional, nonetheless. I think you’ll agree that Hunter’s markings make him one Super Model!

Dodge – er, rather, Dog Ball!

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Introducing Tobey! Tobey is a 4 year old  Scottish Terrier mix, who was adopted from the Kitsap Humane Society when he was just a pup. Tobey looooves to play fetch and is uber-fast. He loves his family – Ally and her mom, his feline brother, Hunter, and new fishy friend, Mr. Sprinkles.  Hunter and  Mr. Sprinkles will be featured in upcoming blog posts, and all three will be displayed by Four Foot Photography at Pet Town (where Ally works) very soon – I will post again when the photos are up! I’m so glad Tobey has such a great home, I super wanted to tuck him in my camera bag and bring him home – he is tons of fun, such a happy guy!