Casey Girl!

I was so thrilled to receive a call from Casey’s parents, inquiring about a birthday photography session for their girl, about to turn 4. I always get excited about an upcoming session (and a doggie birthday party? Yes, please!), but this was a relief as well, since Casey’s mum had called Four Foot Photography the year before, I called back and left a message, and then did not hear from them again. This happens every once in a while, and I know that sometimes people change their minds, etc, but it always leaves me wondering if I did/said something wrong (artist-types can be a little sensitive!). Turns out, they had taken Casey to a studio for her 3rd birthday portrait – they have her portrait made on her birthday every year, isn’t THAT awesome – but we had met at PAWS of Bainbridge Wagfest, and they wanted a pet photographer for birthday #4, so it was my turn! Casey’s birthday is February 10, and I arrived at their beautiful Bainbridge Island home, balloons in hand, to meet the dog of the hour. A cake had been procured from a doggie bakery on the other side of the water, where Casey goes to swim therapy once a week, since having surgery as a young pup. Now my clients, bar none, are people who genuinely love their pets and value their place in the family. Casey’s parents impressed me even further, with the planning, care, training and spectacular life they are giving her. She is, as Standard Poodles are, VERY smart, and they keep her intellectually stimulated, as well as exercised, socialized and loved. So without further ado, I give you, Casey’s Fourth Birthday:

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I had such a great time, I know I am being greedy, but I hope they call me next year! Your parents love you, Casey Girl, and so do I.











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He’s Here!

We’ve ALL been waiting, and I got word over the weekend that Baby R was on the way! After my birthday session with Casey, the spectacular Standard Poodle, I headed from Bainbridge Island to Tacoma to meet Little Mr! He is stunningly perfect, and his momma and daddy couldn’t be more proud. Here’s a little sneak, no name yet – we’ll be doing a newborn session soon!

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It was quite an honor to be invited to the hospital to meet the baby and hear his birth story. Thank you Rob and Pattie for considering me for “weird auntie” status. Love you guys!

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Alexis & Peyton


Seriously, could they be any more adorable? I think not! I had the opportunity to photograph Alexis and her sweet boy, Peyton last summer. They were so gorgeous I almost couldn’t stop – I love, love what I do! Here are a few of my favorite images from their session:

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Karlee & Victor!

Awww! 2013-02-01_0002

I was suspicious today that something was up! It has since been confirmed that Karlee and Victor are MARRIED as of Friday, February 1st, their 4th anniversary. Again I say, Awwwwww.

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If you don’t know Karlee, well, you should! Karlee works at the Gig Harbor Mud Bay store, and is truly delightful from the inside out. She oozes joy (did I get that right, Dad?) and is a spectacular human being. She is also the daughter of one Lisa Ridens, dog trainer extraordinaire at Affordable Dog Training, and another great lady you really should meet. Victor I met for the first time when I photographed them for their holiday card, but I know him to be a hard worker and a soccer player, and based on his winning Karlee’s heart of gold, he has to be quite remarkable as well. Karlee and Victor reside in Bremerton with their two adorable Chihuahuas. Congratulations and best wishes to you both!