Wagfest 2011 Photo Contest

Thanks for your patience, everyone! Here is the pet photo contest from Wagfest 2011! Aren’t the models gorgeous? Please vote one time (per day) for your favorite, then share the link with your friends, co-workers, relatives! The dog with the most votes on Sunday, July 3 at 10pm wins a free photo session ($125 value) and $40 print credit from FourFootPhotography! The lighting was a little tricky and these are unedited “mutt shots” of very distracted dogs – but you get the idea – So. Stinkin. Cute. Please let me know if I messed up any names, we’ll fix it right away! Thanks so much to everyone who came by and entered, I’m excited to see who wins!

9 thoughts on “Wagfest 2011 Photo Contest

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