Prancer & Tommie Meet The Pawpurrazzi!

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I have to admit, I LOVE a challenge! I firmly believe the only way to learn and grow is to push yourself. When I met Prancer’s mom at Wagfest, she said, “You won’t get a picture of my dog. He won’t look at a camera.” Well, quite frankly, a lot of people say that, but she does have a case! Prancer is a darling, sweet little guy. Not oppositional at all – until you pull out a camera! He was NOT going to do it, but I hope you’ll agree, we convinced him. He actually went a little “Vogue” on us in the end. His cousin, Tommie Tequila, is a rescued greyhound, and extraordinarily shy. He is one lucky dog – his mom works with a rescue group and fosters other dogs. Aren’t they beautiful? I had such a lovely time with them, their moms, and THEIR mom. I love my job.

One thought on “Prancer & Tommie Meet The Pawpurrazzi!

  1. Very photogenic…and a couple of REALLY good ones of Prancer…Tommy too, but Prancer had some real expressive poses.

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