Dudley & Mops – Paws Wagfest 2011 Contest Winners!

Here is a sneak peek from my session with Dudley and Mops, the winners of FourFootPhotography’s Paws Wagfest 2011 Photo Contest! While I had to wait for my supermodels to return from their Mexican vacation for our shoot, it was soooo worth the wait, I think you’ll agree! They came back tan (especially Mops), refreshed and, ahem, ready for their close-ups. Far from being a diva, Mops patiently showed Dudley (the fawn), who is only 6 months old, the ropes. He is obviously both a natural and a quick study. Supermodels just keep getting younger and younger! For those of you who know me personally, how much fun was it for me to get my pug on?!

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