New Display!

On Friday I changed the display at Woodside Animal Hospital to feature Dahlia! The center is a canvas like last time, but on either side (with the ribbons) are metal prints, a new product I am so excited to offer! They are available in standard sizes or 30 different cutout shapes (displayed are #25 and #29)! Made from recycled aluminum, the image is burned on to the metal – extremely cool!  We can custom order images of your pets in the sizes and shapes you choose – I also think they’ll look great with the float wraps for a unique wall display. They can be hung from drilled holes as shown, or we can attach a float mount to the back so the image appears to “float” on the wall. Did I mention I’m SO EXCITED?! I will have information on the website in the next few weeks – it’s not too early to be thinking about Christmas…Stop by Woodside to see them in person!

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