Not quite time for bunnies yet, so here’s the tortoise!

I have mentioned before that my family has been very supportive of my business…perhaps no one more than my cousin, Karena, who has a seemingly never-ending supply of critters available for model calls! Two Golden Retrievers, chameleons, tree frogs, fish, a tiny swimming turtle, electric blue lobster, a pregnant Guinea Pig, three gorgeous blonde boys (how lucky are they?) and more! Watch out when I get a macro lens! This is Biggie, inherited by Karena and her husband, Andrew a few years back – he went from serving platter size to ginormous, apparently preferring the Great Northwest to Southern California. When last I heard, he was 65 lbs! My favorite thing about Biggie is that he eats dandelions – their yard is gorgeous! We’ll be doing a more extensive shoot when the weather warms up a bit! 

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