Wonderful World of Westies

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As promised, here is a sneak peek of Molly and Angus, two of the luckiest Westies in the world. Molly and Angus live with Chris, who is devoted to them almost beyond measure, and Mufasa, who is…not. While he was singularly unwilling to pose with the dogs, the shot of the fabulous feline Mufasa is one of my very favorites. There is something magical about these little dynamos and the gorgeous yard Chris works so hard on – when you see the one with Molly in front of the bright flowers, you’ll know what I mean!

2 thoughts on “Wonderful World of Westies

  1. Love those Westies! And what beautiful flowers they have to stroll among. Of course Mufasa is one great cat! So inteligent – as the photo shows.

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