Finn…Obedience School Graduate

Here’s Finn, a recent graduate of Shooting Star Service’s obedience class. April Franz is passionate about educating people along with their dogs. A lifelong animal lover, April has a Sheltie, a Belgian Malinois, two cats and a chinchilla (and a very kind husband). In addition to being a Certified Animal Trainer, April works at Woodside Animal Hospital and Pet Town in Port Orchard. 

One thought on “Finn…Obedience School Graduate

  1. Mary, I want one, . . . ah, but maybe Tumbler would not be too excited or maybe he would be too excited . . . so maybe not, but looks like a wonderful pet. Also, you have a divine gift of snaping a picture of not only the outside of each wonderful pet, but you catch the spirit of the animal and since I am a “preacher boy,” I know the Spirit and I can see in the eyes of all your animal pictures the spirit of happiness, joy, connection with other beings, especially human, and I would even say a whole lot of love which each animal wants to share with others!!!! As you have given us a marvelous picture of Tumbler on a beautiful silver plate, I would wish every person who has a pet(s) to seek you out to highlight their joy and love with such a remembrance which will last not only for today, but forever!! Love, Dad

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