Custom Holiday Cards!

Oh my! It’s time for holiday cards! You can laugh if you want to, but I LOVE to send and receive Christmas cards! Social media is fantastic for keeping in touch, but I just can’t wait to hear what friends and family are up to, and if they include a picture, Oh Joy!!! My mom sent out picture cards of me and my sister every year, one year it included Honey, the family dog – perhaps an early lightbulb for me? Several years ago someone mailed my dad their collection of our holiday cards that they had saved over the years! What a gift to have that record. I try to make sure I save one of mine each year for this reason.  From the first year we were married, my sweet, tolerant husband put up with me setting up the “family” Christmas card – that first one I sat with a Sharpie and colored in the glowing eyes of Jake, my Cocker Spaniel, and Jasmine, our tabby cat (she’s still around, but was exempted started the year we added a toddler).  Over the years, we staged a Hawaiian theme – I bought toddler sized Hawaiian shirts for Jake and his Beagley brother), a sports theme (Rugby shirts!), the classic Fleece Family, Cougar Nation – well, you get the general idea! Is it any wonder I’m a pet photographer? It was not easy to try to get us all in, and DH has long since declared our family card should picture only the children, “Why would I want a record of myself getting older, balder and fatter?” Hmmm, Grinchy! So sometimes I used the timer on the camera, and sometimes we pressed others into service – I will forever hoot when I think of my dad rolling around the floor, going all Annie Leibovitz with the point and shoot. Love you, Dad. This year I am offering custom holiday cards from your Four Foot Photography photo session – let me know which images you would like to include, what you would like to say, colors, size, etc and I will create Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year, Happy Holidays, Kwanzaa or Festivus cards just for you! Prices are approximately $2 per card, depending on one or two sided flat or folded card, the paper you select, etc. Cutout shapes are available – in the samples below I left the cutline to show the shape. There is a pearlized cardstock I adore, but my friend Julie accuses me of wanting to print my images on Human Skin (ie it costs more than glossy photo paper)! There is no profit margin for these cards, but I really, really love for you to have and send them, so Happy Holidays! Here are some samples, recognize anyone you know?

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