Jackie & Jermaine

Jackie and Jermaine were married July 28, 2012 at Gold Mountain Golf Course. It was a beautiful ceremony celebrating the love they share and the SIX children they have between them. I was truly blessed to be present, and believe me when I tell you it was a powerful thing to be trusted with capturing the powerful moments of the day – that’s a lot of pressure, people! It is my fervent wish that as they look at these images over the years they will be able to remember those intense emotions and be present in their love and appreciation for one another. Truly, my best wishes to two people who found their perfect match in each other.

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Aren’t they beautiful?


One thought on “Jackie & Jermaine

  1. Wow! a super terrific job, my dear! I loved all the pictures and the couple and family is really neat, beautiful, handsome, etc. Dad

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