Zander the Magnificent

Sue, Zander’s mom, called me after seeing some of my work on display at Kitsap Veterinary Clinic. Zander is okay, but needed to see Dr Sarah Buck for an eye injury – check him out in his camo “Doggles” below, because you just can’t be too careful. Oh, and he has red ones, too.  Zander is getting older, and Sue wanted me to create a portrait of him that captures his fun-loving spirit, and celebrates the huge joy he has been to her and his dad, Harry, since they rescued him.  While he is as poised as a professional model and has the looks to be one, Zander is first and foremost a cherished member of the family. He is humble and well-mannered, great with the grandchildren, and enjoys the spectacular life he deserves, complete with RV vacations and his very own fire hydrant (no, really!!!) one of his human brothers installed for him when the back yard foliage had to be removed to protect him from damaging his eyes crashing through the bushes – is that not the coolest thing?  Sue always has a towel handy, but I managed to sneak a shot with a spit bubble, which is the image my kiddos ask to see the most. He is a big boy, but if I could have tucked him in my pocket and snuck him home, I sure would have. I like to think Zander is fond of me, but then I am the treat and attention lady. His devotion to Sue runs deep and true, and I am a better person for having witnessed it.

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Sue and Harry have invested plenty of time and training and love into Zander, and it has paid off richly, with many years of companionship and devotion. I love, love the people and pets I meet as a pet and portrait photographer in Kitsap County and beyond. *LOVE*

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