Prism Light

This week’s creative lighting assignment was a bit more of a challenge than I had anticipated – I started by photographing some beautifully colored leaves in the back yard – pretty blue sky, a little sun flare, it’s all good, right? Except it WASN’T. Back to the drawing board, I went out again today, followed by the resident doggehs. I tried a few more abstract images, then I thought, “Do what you do.” So I did – instead of rainbows and composite images, I created a “reflection” of Zoie/Zurie/Slug Pug/Bobdole, which turned out kind of neat! I will be experimenting with this again – it would be pretty cool at an engagement/couples session. I love the artistic push this lighting challenge is giving me!

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Portrait Photographer, Mary Eklund, Four Foot Photography, Kitsap County Photographer, Pet Photographer, Winter Lighting Challenge, Prism Light

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