I’m Free….free lensing….

Aw, I couldn’t resist! This week’s challenge involved a technique I have seen, but never tried before (and that is the point of the challenge!). The idea is to disconnect the lens from the camera, resulting in some crazy, wavy, blurred areas (if you are familiar with LensBaby, that is the general idea). I was VERY reluctant to “do that” to my cherished camera body, but some nice ladies talked me down and I gave it a shot (bad photographer pun!) – now I can’t stop thinking of ways to try this again, it is definitely somewhat addicting (but I will probably use the back up camera body when I get it back from repairs/cleaning!). I really like the “film” look it gave the portrait of Gladys. I was unable to free lens Fabio, as every time I got down on the floor to photograph him, Gladys put her shedding self as close to me as possible. I am also including images I took with the lens attached, so you can see the intention. Can’t wait to see what is in store for next week!

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Kitsap County Photographer, Mary Eklund, Gig Harbor to Bainbridge Island, Lifestyle Photography, 2014, Winter Lighting Challenge, Kitsap County Pet Photographer, Port Orchard Portrait Photographer


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