Winter Lighting Challenge – Week 21

This week’s challenge was to use an umbrella to diffuse artificial light – as with each previous task, I found trying something different to be *illuminating* {sorry, bad photographer pun}. It was also the perfect opportunity to introduce a juicy new (to me) macro lens, perfect for ring shots, should you be thinking about getting your wedding on! My models tonight came out of my china hutch – the tea set was one of about 5 things my Grandma Jacobson kept for my sister and I to play with when we visited, and I have always loved stacking dolls, maybe I have two sets… I had a little depth of field fun with the dolls as well.

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There are only a few weeks left in the lighting challenge, and I will miss participating! It has been such a fun way to add techniques, I do love to learn just because, but many of these skills will be great additions to my image making.

Four Foot Photography, Kitsap County Photographer, Mary Eklund, Port Orchard, Personal Project, 2014, Winter Lighting Challenge, Shoot Through Umbrella, Week 21

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