Lew-Lew the Wonder Dog

Lew-Lew’s time with her people ended a few weeks ago, and I know they are missing her so much. This post is in tribute to her amazing life that spanned 19 years and across the country. Lew-Lew’s mom contacted me probably 4 years ago to make her portrait as a surprise for her dad. She gave me some background information, including that Lew-Lew was 15 years old, and had been having some medical issues, so I went to their home expecting a somewhat geriatric model. I went in fairly quietly, Lew-Lew was curled up on the couch, sleeping. I shot many frames of her sweet self, thinking that was about all I would get…and then Lew-Lew woke up, looked at me sideways, and put on a SHOW, playing and bouncing all around the living room. She was filled with joy and confidence, and a good reminder not to judge a lady based on her age. Good girl, Lew-Lew, good girl.

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