Karlee & Victor!

Awww! 2013-02-01_0002

I was suspicious today that something was up! It has since been confirmed that Karlee and Victor are MARRIED as of Friday, February 1st, their 4th anniversary. Again I say, Awwwwww.

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If you don’t know Karlee, well, you should! Karlee works at the Gig Harbor Mud Bay store, and is truly delightful from the inside out. She oozes joy (did I get that right, Dad?) and is a spectacular human being. She is also the daughter of one Lisa Ridens, dog trainer extraordinaire at Affordable Dog Training, and another great lady you really should meet. Victor I met for the first time when I photographed them for their holiday card, but I know him to be a hard worker and a soccer player, and based on his winning Karlee’s heart of gold, he has to be quite remarkable as well. Karlee and Victor reside in Bremerton with their two adorable Chihuahuas. Congratulations and best wishes to you both!

A Whole Lotta Love…

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  Friend, Friend, Wonderful Friend! Married – my truly fabulous friend is getting MARRIED! Getting hitched…tying the knot…I almost don’t have the words to explain (but I’ll try!) what it means to me to see my longtime friend so happy and so in love. And then, to have the chance to document a love story in process, well, that is just cool beans. So meet Christy and Kevin, two people who know it isn’t easy, but who make me believe it is worth it. Don’t you love the way he looks at her? And Isn’t. She. Fabulous?