Aaaaand the winner is…

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Well I couldn’t talk my little Vanna White into drawing the winner for the $100+ Gift Basket from Mud Bay, but I needed the drawing to be fair and square. What’s more fair than a 7 year old? That’s right – TWO 7 year olds. Thanks, guys!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my booth, and those who entered the drawing, and those who liked my Facebook page! Oh, you wanted to know who the winner is?

Congratulations to Lesli Loop-Smith! Please email me at info@fourfootphotography or call 360.551.2923 and we’ll arrange to get you this juicy basket.


Second Chance Care Fund Carnival

This doll baby is Barley. He is a Second Chance dog – arguably the poster boy. Isn’t he gorgeous? I had the good fortune of sharing my awning with him and his folks when it got too sunny for such a well insulated dude. LOVES!

This is the bite prevention talk given by Bethel Animal Hospital’s behaviorist, Jackie Kahler. Good information, people, and she is willing to present it to schools, clubs, etc! So in the top photo, which dog is more likely to bite, the cute little doxie in the man’s arms, or the gorgeously  intimidating Dobie? Yup, the little dog being held is far more likely to bite. In the bottom photos the kids are demonstrating two bite prevention strategies – “Be a tree” and “Be a log”

The pet costume contest entrants, clockwise from the top….Wonder Dog, Double Stuffed Oreo,  Seagull, Rich Lady. Bwahahahaha! So cute! The winner was Double Stuffed Oreo, but they were all worthy.

When was the last time you saw a dunk tank? Too much fun! Dr. Wempe got wet – some of the littler kids had a little help from some of the bigger kids…

More shenanigans from the good natured staff. It’s all to help the animals, right?

So we had to do a little comparison…medium brown in color, long white fluffy tails, four legs…who is bigger?

And my booth for the event. Thanks so much! I had a great time and met so many wonderful animal lovers. *Soon* there will be a colorful photographic display of Second Chance animals in Bethel’s lobby – please check it out! I am donating 10% of proceeds from sessions booked via the Bethel Animal Hospital back to the Second Chance Care Fund, to support their terrific work treating animals whose people can no longer care for them.  You can read more of their stories at