Shout out to the Kitsap Humane Society

On a personal note, today my kiddos and I took their grandparents to the Kitsap Humane Society to find a companion. The layout of their property and their semi-retired, grandchild-visiting lifestyle mean a dog is not an option, so we visited the cattery. Dad really wanted a dog. The cat room is a clean, peaceful place, and it is obvious the workers and volunteers care deeply for the animals. Everyone was so helpful, from the volunteers to the staff (thank you Sharon!!!) to the vet. With their guidance, we chose the perfect (flawed) pet. Tumbler is a great fit! He has some neurological damage, so he wobbles and stumbles a bit (“Just like us!” says Donna-Nana), and his head swivels 180 degrees, but he is such a sweet, friendly little dude. He took right to his new home tonight, and when my dad called me about 8:30 he was just so thrilled with “his” cat. This seems like the start of something great (and I sure hope so, because if it isn’t, it is totally my fault). I strongly encourage you to visit the shelter the next time you are open to a (or another) four foot, tell the staff your situation and heed their advice. They are great and your buddy is waiting!

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