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Teeah was the winner of the Pet Photography session raffled off by the wonderful staff of Tender Touch Animal Hospital during their open house event August 20th to benefit the Humane Society. Her mom painstakingly filled out (at least 20) raffle tickets and entered them…Here is a sneak peek at the results! As you can see, Teeah is a polished model, maintaining her figure with plenty of walks and the occasional carrot indulgence. Her parents have twin human grandchildren, and Teeah LOVES to play ball with them. The result of a Capulet/Montague-esque meeting, Teeah is half Scotty and half Cairns, but all terrier! She is such a delight, I hope her breeder allows further breeches of security! Included in her prize, Teeah wins an 11 x 14 float wrap, which will be displayed at Tender Touch (27099 Miller Bay Rd NE, Ste C, Kingston) for 1 year, and then will go home with Teeah and her parents, Honey and Sweetheart (!).  I can’t wait to see which one is selected!

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