Kitsap Humane Society Animal Krackers Auction ~ 2015 Charity ~ Kitsap County Photographer ~ Four Foot Photography

Saturday evening was clear and beautiful for Kitsap Humane Society‘s 22nd annual Animal Krackers Gala Dinner and Auction fundraiser. For the first time, the venue was the lovely new conference center at Clearwater Resort and Casino in Suquamish. A record … Continue reading

PAWS The Great Catsby and The Woofing Twenties ~ 2015 auction fundraiser ~ Four Foot Photography, Kitsap Lifestyle Photographer

I seriously love the PAWS of Bainbridge and North Kitsap organization. My first contact was for the PAWS Wagfest in 2011, I brought my samples as a vendor, and met such nice people! The more I know, the more impressed I am! There are so many programs that benefit pets and people on the north end of Kitsap County, placing animals in forever homes, pet food bank, veterinary assistance, spay/neuter, feral cat abatement, Kitsap Lost Pets, placing cats with seniors and pet retention financial assistance, to name a few! I will go into those programs in further detail over the next few months, as I filmed some video of the various programs for PAWS. Saturday, June 6 was the PAWS fundraiser, “The Great Catsby and The Woofing Twenties.” As the name implies, this was a fun party to celebrate 40 years of PAWS programs and volunteers. The decorations were gorgeous, the band Good Co performed and the costumes and desserts were spectacular! There was a photobooth! I would have more to say about it, but I know you really came here for the pictures!


And the poster pet was the gorgeous Luna! She has an amazing story – for another blog post…Luna-3but isn’t she fabulous?!


















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FFP Tribute to Sneaky the Wonder Cat – Kitsap County Photographer ~ Four Foot Photography

You love your animals. All of them. Their quirks, their paws, their cold noses, their slobber, their smell, their attitude, the way they walk. Every pet you have ever had (and some of you have had a lot!) lives in your heart, I know that. You always wish you had more time with them, but there’s one who was special. Your heart dog, your soul mate. They might have been gone for years, or it is the rescue you brought home last week, your puppy or your 8 year old cat, but they just get you, there is a connection, a deeper understanding. This post is a tribute to Sneaky, Dr Monica Wlodarchak’s best friend, her love, her confidante, advisor, keeper of secrets. She had to say goodbye to 19 year old Sneaky last week, and while she has other pets and has cared for so many others through Tender Touch Animal Hospital , Poulsbo Animal Clinic, and as an emergency vet, my heart breaks for her. Is it inevitable? Yes. Does that make it any easier? Not at all. I covet your prayers and positive ju-ju for her to get through the next few weeks.


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If you click on the Tender Touch Animal Hospital link above, you can read Sneaky’s biography, and get a glimpse into his life with Dr Monica, from a tiny, abandoned kitten, to big cat on campus, to vet companion. 19 years of devotion. I first met Sneaky in the summer of 2011, while photographing the staff for their employee portraits – he lived up to his name! Dr Monica does have some beautiful artwork from that session to validate her years of memories, and I hope that is a small comfort. Many people tell me they are afraid they will forget the details of their furry companions, but I can tell you from experience I still remember each of my pets’ smell, their fur, their favorite things, although I last said goodbye in 2006. I saw Sneaky most recently at the Tender Touch Open House in September (the images with the blue sweater!), and watched in amazement as Dr Monica flipped him over and nonchalantly did a blood draw from his jugular mid sentence. He was really just there for her, hanging on to provide the love and companionship she needed. Sneaky was a one of a kind wonder cat, and to say he will be missed, well, it just isn’t enough. Love you little guy, rest well.

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Holman Family Reunion – Kitsap County Photographer ~ Four Foot Photography

This was one of my all time favorite family sessions, such a fun, vibrant, loving group, about to embark on a family reunion vacation. The session was booked by one of my favorite people,  Claire Kingsbury, and introduced me to her family of origin, EACH OF WHOM, individually, is filled to overflowing with life and love – put them all together in the same backyard, and the hilarity and affection explode in waves of joy. Think I am laying it on thick? Meet them, and you will know this is a great understatement! Three of the children married, two about to embark on their LDS missions, one still at home and two grandchildren. They were so real and connected, it was a dream to photograph them – I felt I could have stood in the middle of the yard and just spun around clicking wildly, and the images would have been amazing (I did put more into it than that, and the results I hope speak for themselves).

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 The Holmans had a  “Four Foot Photography Christmas,” so each household has their choice of artwork or photobook memory, we did Christmas cards, accordian books, layflat albums, float wraps, playing cards, prints and canvases.

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Feedback from the fabulous Mrs. Holman (This message made me so happy!):

“I just wanted to let you know that we got our package with our stuff and oh my goodness, we are over the top thrilled! Thank you so much, especially for the little extras you tucked in there, that was awfully kind of you. I have to say, those accordion books are my absolute favorite, they are so perfect for each of those kids, it is like you grew up with them (she is being overly kind, I am old enough to be their mother). They are going to love them and I can’t wait for the kids to see them. Have a Merry Christmas and we’ll be talking to you again.


This is an excerpt from Connor’s letter home to his sister (with permission), telling how he uses his accordion book in his ministry in Africa. I love this so much, I am changing my name to Megan.

Connor letter


If you are planning a family reunion, I highly recommend planning a reunion photo session, I will be adding it to my session options for sure. Whether you hire a photographer at your destination, or appoint Uncle Bob, not only is it important to document your family, the process is emotive in and of itself (I have talked about this before – I feel strongly that creating the images is as important as having the images, from rats to dogs and their people to weddings to extended families!). The Holmans will always have these images to recollect and validate their relationships and remind them of the fabulous memories they made on the vacation they left for when we wrapped the session.



I have officially applied for weird aunty status, I love these people so much!














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The Belinski-Cashmans

Nothing makes being a photographer more enjoyable than photographing good lookin’ people who love each other, in a beautiful location, and here, I give you Exhibit A: The Belinski-Cashmans.

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I know Momma Michelle from Tender Touch Animal Hospital, where I did employee photographs a few years ago. I was delighted when she asked about Senior Portraits for her second son, Garrett (Class of 2013) last fall. Scheduling and the weather did not cooperate, but after I had such a great time with another reluctant to be photographed Senior (Hayden) in January, I checked back with Michelle (I try not to be pushy, but am always willing! Did I mention their gorgeous Kingston farm? You may recognize the dog, Max from my business cards), and not only did she still want me to do a Senior session, she hadn’t had family portraits in years.  This is something I preach all the time, we ALL need photos of our families! Doesn’t matter if your family is you and a spouse; you and a child; you and a dog; you and your girlfriend; you and a spouse and 3 children; you and 9 cats; you, your spouse, your kids and 2 dogs; you, a cat and your boyfriend – YOU are the common denominator and YOU need to be in the photos! Get your friend and a point & shoot camera, your cellphone, your fancy camera or hire a photographer if you are able, just validate your family by preserving the images. Print them! Hang them! Look at them and remember the fun of doing it, it will get you through some hard times. I have never met anyone who said, “Gee, I’m sorry we did that family session and I wish I hadn’t bought so many photos.” Nope! I have, however, met plenty of people who wished they HAD taken photos. OK, off the soapbox, and back to the Belinskis! We had a lovely evening session at their property with all three kiddos, which was a sweet send off as the family has since sold the farm and moved to a newer house – the boys are off on their own adventures now, and the horses went back to their original home in Hawaii. This is a perfect representation of the fun and love shared between these five individuals, and there is a big, beautiful canvas of the three gorgeous children prominently displayed in the new home.

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What?! I didn’t blog THIS session?

Oh I was so excited about this super Clairetabulous Kingston family session, which took place before I left for a mentorship in the spring, and I haven’t shared it. Selfish! This is my darling, creative, superwoman friend Claire, her goofy and very tolerant-of-me hubby, Josh, and their two adorable kiddos, shot in lifestyle, documentary fashion.  I give you “A Kingsbury Morning”:

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As you can clearly see, this household is filled to the brim with love. A lifestyle session is a terrific way to cement and build on these memories.  Jus’ Sayin’.




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SuperMom and her Super Dogs

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I can’t tell you how eagerly anticipated Peter Parker and his cousin, Riley, were into the lives of these sisters! Claire is an amazing woman (I know, she looks 18, it’s disgusting), patient, creative and fabulous in every way. She contacted me several weeks ago to let me know that her sister was “expecting” – yup! A Mini Aussie was on his way! She wanted to set up a puppy session as a gift to her sister (how awesome is that?!). If you’ve followed the blog, you met Claire, her husband, Josh, their adorable boys, Matthew and Nathan, and their “super” dogs, Bruce and Lois last summer. Naturally, in meeting the puppies, one caught Claire’s eye and sure enough, she let me know I would be photographing TWO puppies! Bruce and Lois now have a third wheel, one Peter Parker! Here’s a peek at my favorites, with Riley’s sneak peek coming Monday. He is currently on his way back to Idaho with his parents, and Claire and Peter Parker are feeling a little blue, so this is for you, Claire!

Teeah’s Float Wrap Is Up!

Teeah’s float wrap, won at Tender Touch Animal Hospital’s Open House in a raffle to benefit the Humane Society, is finished and hung! Please stop by and see it in person at 27099 Miller Bay Road NE, Ste C in Kingston. I could not have asked for a better model or met nicer people!


Meet the superdogs…Bruce and Lois!

Aren’t they fabulous? Click on the image to make it larger.


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Teeah was the winner of the Pet Photography session raffled off by the wonderful staff of Tender Touch Animal Hospital during their open house event August 20th to benefit the Humane Society. Her mom painstakingly filled out (at least 20) raffle tickets and entered them…Here is a sneak peek at the results! As you can see, Teeah is a polished model, maintaining her figure with plenty of walks and the occasional carrot indulgence. Her parents have twin human grandchildren, and Teeah LOVES to play ball with them. The result of a Capulet/Montague-esque meeting, Teeah is half Scotty and half Cairns, but all terrier! She is such a delight, I hope her breeder allows further breeches of security! Included in her prize, Teeah wins an 11 x 14 float wrap, which will be displayed at Tender Touch (27099 Miller Bay Rd NE, Ste C, Kingston) for 1 year, and then will go home with Teeah and her parents, Honey and Sweetheart (!).  I can’t wait to see which one is selected!