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I blogged last summer about the fantastic experience our family had at the Kitsap Humane Society, purr-curing Tumbler, kitty-in-residence at my dad and step-mom’s house; However, at that time I had NO idea of the scope and breadth of importance one little cast-off could have on his housemates. My dad retired at the end of August, and Tumbler has eased the transition fantastically. Tumbler’s neurological disorder is now nearly invisible – he has gained 4 pounds and can now jump up on inappropriate things, no longer stumbles, and is an endless source of entertainment. Dad and Tumbler nap together, play Tinkertoys and all sorts of games I didn’t know cats play. Tumbler waits outside the bathroom while Dad showers, and I’ve heard that my dad is even the “box attendant” – now that is love. We are constantly learning new things about Tumbler – we don’t always think to ask, so he has taken to writing letters to my kids. Nimble with the keyboard, he dictates to Dad when the computer is not available. I do not have conversations with my dad without him bringing up what a great cat he has. It is truly impossible to think of  life without him – thank you KHS!

4 thoughts on “Tumbler-ific!

  1. What a great post! Your writing and your photos are wonderful! You really know how to do justice to our handsome, intelligent and devoted Tumbler.
    By the way, he has now taken up piano playing and seems to love it.
    Thanks for sharing the story of Tumbler, who was deemed a “special needs” cat when we got him and now is smarter, livlier and healthier than any cat I have ever met. (And I am not in the least bit prejudiced.)
    Tumbler’s Mom, Donna

  2. What a joy to see our beloved cat in so many different poses. He seems to understand that he is our son so he sleeps equally on each side of our bed. I haven’t timed him, but he almost always is on my side as I snooze off to dreamland and then when I awake in the morning Tumbler is on Donna;s side. He is determined to squeeze all the joy out of both of us! We have had him as a constant companion for nine months and he has gained 4 pounds! We think he is around 6 years old and weighs 12 pounds now, and if his intake of food continues at the same rate, by the time he is twelve years old, he may weigh 36 pounds! We’ll keep you posted! Look out world, here comes Tumbler!
    Tumbler’s Dad, Orv

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