I’m headed out, taking the kiddos and the Blog Dog to the beach for a few days for Spring Break, but I couldn’t leave without sharing a photo! I have more coming next week (a little behind…Who, me? But at least the taxes are done!)

Say hello to Cookie, of Cookie’s Pet Corner and Wash, right here in Port Orchard!  You can find Cookie at her place of business nearly every day (she takes Sundays off, although the business is open and nail trims are available for $5). Cookie’s favorite employee, Dan, is planning a pet-centric event this summer, and is looking for fun theme ideas – stop by, email or call to share your thoughts! I’ve already put my two cents in, I know you have some great ideas. or 360-519-2100, 1010 Bethel Ave.

 I was amazed again last week after shopping in three local pet businesses (I know, I have a problem!) at the wealth of knowledge freely shared by those working in the pet industry. Dan had a product in mind for my elderly feline, and I evesdropped as Arin at Pet Town helped a customer register her puppy for spaying at The Humane Society, even offering to deliver the paperwork the next day when she volunteered. Our local vets, groomers, retail outlets, trainers and pet sitters really know their stuff, and are so helpful and kind.  These folks know about pets, products, classes, services and so much more! I am grateful to know them.

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