Walking the walk…

In case you’ve wondered if I practice what I preach, I took a few snapshots around my house today..

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All except the metal in the dining room are traditional canvas, stretched on 1  1/2″  wooden frames, 16 x 16″ to 24 x 36″ – go big or go home, in this case, both! Just two are my own pets. I’m a firm believer in only having things on your walls that you love, things that bring you joy. In my house it is mostly photos of my kids and clients, with a few other pieces that I just love. Oh, and also a canvas I brought home from a garage sale that my husband says looks like the Apocolypse…Oops! Not to push the minimalist over the edge, but our homes often have wall space we don’t see – think over doorways and bookcases, between windows – in addition to the traditional space over the sofa. Often the size people are most familiar with (8 x10″) is what they think of first. Here’s a visual aid from Erica Clark Photography that demonstrates different sizes: http://tinyurl.com/6wcuxfr

3 thoughts on “Walking the walk…

  1. You are the best! Cats have the most precious expressions. Tumbler was using his month a lot this morning! Love, Dad

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