Not furry? No problem!

 In case you were thinking you were out of luck if you don’t have four feet and a furry face, meet Amy, an aspiring actress who works for Ruth King at Mud Bay (ok, so she does have a pet connection…). I did some work for Ruth last year, and she has been most gracious about passing along my contact information (and the Gig Harbor store has a small display where you can pick up a business card. They have GREAT products if you haven’t been there, GO!). Amy needed head shots for a casting director she is working with. She hopes to work on television, and is about the cutest thing you ever saw. After some dynamic weather, we met in downtown Tacoma and here are a few of the shots she will be sending out for parts she would like, and also a few of my personal favorites. It was super fun, and we were fortunate enough to meet a kind security guard who found us a place with electricity so Amy could straighten her naturally curly hair for a different look. I got back to my car maybe a minute before it started to rain. Perfect!

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