Gotta Love a Working Dog!

It was quite a summer of events and sessions – I’ll be catching up the blog over the next few weeks – you are in for some juicy, furry, cuteness!

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 I was fortunate to participate in Mason County’s “PAWS  ‘n the Park” fundraiser for the Humane Society of Mason County on Saturday, August 18 at Belfair State Park. While there were lots of super nice people and interesting dogs, the most exciting part of the day for me was the bloodhound demonstration given by Sgt Trevor Severance and Cedar. Sgt. Severance is the Search and Rescue Coordinator and K-9 Unit Supervisor of the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, Cedar was only 15 months old at the time! We are so fortunate to have such dedicated people and amazing resources in this area – thank you Sgt. Severance and Cedar!

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