Pitties and Kitties Adoption Event! #GetLuckyatKHS Kitsap County Pet and Lifestyle Photographer

Kitsap Humane Society   always has fun events planned – this month it is “Pitties & Kitties” – #GetLuckyatKHS. I met so many sweethearts photographing adoptables last week!


I so appreciate the flexibility of my business that allows me to volunteer at KHS and PAWS of Bainbridge, promoting adoption and photographing adoptable animals. The many volunteers and staff at the shelter work so hard to get the animals safely in the shelter, take care of their physical and behavioral needs and get them adopted into their forever situation. There is so much to be done, from dog walking, cat socializing, feeding, cleaning, veterinary care, marketing, outreach, foster, adoption consults, clerical duties, fund raising, board duties – it is my privilege to help show the love to potential adopters. It really does make a difference in getting more animals adopted! Here is a small example of before and after – intake photo on the top, “take me home and love me forever” photo below.

150164878 Artemis (1)

Find your lucky charm at the shelter!

Juicy little baby…

Introducing Micah, sweet juicy little nugget. Micah was born in January, and we spent a lovely hour or two together, which I am fairly certain I enjoyed more than he did! He joins big brother Levi and spectacular parents Nathan and Jennifer.

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Gotta Love a Working Dog!

It was quite a summer of events and sessions – I’ll be catching up the blog over the next few weeks – you are in for some juicy, furry, cuteness!

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 I was fortunate to participate in Mason County’s “PAWS  ‘n the Park” fundraiser for the Humane Society of Mason County on Saturday, August 18 at Belfair State Park. While there were lots of super nice people and interesting dogs, the most exciting part of the day for me was the bloodhound demonstration given by Sgt Trevor Severance and Cedar. Sgt. Severance is the Search and Rescue Coordinator and K-9 Unit Supervisor of the Mason County Sheriff’s Office, Cedar was only 15 months old at the time! We are so fortunate to have such dedicated people and amazing resources in this area – thank you Sgt. Severance and Cedar!