Evan is One! Kitsap County Photographer ~ Four Foot Photography

So very cool to be invited to Evan’s first birthday! I first photographed Evan when he was just a tiny, invisible nugget, just along for the ride while I did a buddy session with his furry four-footed brothers, Bear and Barley. Click here to see Bear and Barley. I was so excited to be asked to do a maternity session for Rob and Pattie, who are just the nicest people (and funny, two of my favorite things, nice and funny) you would ever want to meet. It was quite an honor to get to visit Evan in the hospital, before he had a name, and then to have his name be Evan (one of my all time favorites!), is perfect. We did a newborn session, then 6 months, and they even came to the Prison Pet Partnership Photos with Santa event I did. Yay, EVAN!

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Six Months Old – Already? Port Orchard Photographer

Time does fly – especially that first year – and this little guy is already blasting through his milestones. I can hardly believe that Evan is six months old – and already on his first cruise. Livin’ the life, Little Dude! Rob and Pattie made time to appease the paparazzi (yours truly) the night before they left on vacation – yikes – for Evan’s 6 month pictures. He is just the yummiest little baby, I love those bright eyes and his interaction with his parents. It has been my unwavering pleasure to be their family photographer (and self-appointed weird auntie).

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Squishy, Shiny and New

Look who came to see me?! How great is it to have repeat clients? Great, great, GREAT! Especially when they produce such magnificent subject matter. EVAN could not be a more perfect baby, AND his parents brought me coffee. Jus’ sayin’.

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Just look at those sparkly eyes, squishy toes, fuzzy hair. Argh. So. Stinkin. Cute.














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Juicy little baby…

Introducing Micah, sweet juicy little nugget. Micah was born in January, and we spent a lovely hour or two together, which I am fairly certain I enjoyed more than he did! He joins big brother Levi and spectacular parents Nathan and Jennifer.

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He’s Here!

We’ve ALL been waiting, and I got word over the weekend that Baby R was on the way! After my birthday session with Casey, the spectacular Standard Poodle, I headed from Bainbridge Island to Tacoma to meet Little Mr! He is stunningly perfect, and his momma and daddy couldn’t be more proud. Here’s a little sneak, no name yet – we’ll be doing a newborn session soon!

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It was quite an honor to be invited to the hospital to meet the baby and hear his birth story. Thank you Rob and Pattie for considering me for “weird auntie” status. Love you guys!

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I know I’m a weirdo, but…

Yup, it’s true. I loved being pregnant, so it is really fun for me to do maternity pictures. Such an exciting time! You may remember Rob and Pattie, providers for Bear and Barley, those shedding, drooling darlings! Well, it wasn’t my place to say (no longer a secret!), but at Bear and Barley’s session, Pattie asked me if I do maternity photos. SQUEEEEEEE! I am so happy for these high school sweethearts, expecting their first baby next February. We had a heck of a time scheduling, the weather has not been in our favor (and also somebody didn’t look any more pregnant than I do…) – finally the stars aligned and we were able to photograph their maternity session at Howe Farm in Port Orchard. Aren’t they cute?

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I can hardly wait to meet the baby!











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Krista & Baby E

I had the opportunity to photograph such a great family in January. I thought they were styled perfectly (LOOOOOVVE me some toddler boots!). Mom was so calm and mellow (with a baby and a two year old!) that the baby fell asleep, Dad was very cooperative and into it – loved them! Krista’s doll is named “Baby E” and they were a crack up. I thought it was so sweet that she kept kissing her baby brother, until I heard her momma admonish her, “No biting.” Oops! It looked like she was kissing him…

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Waiting for my ship to come in…

Recently I was asked by a client to photograph a gathering of Navy wives & families as they waited for their husbands & fathers, sons & brothers to return from a stint at sea. Always up for an adventure and a chance to learn something new (generally from my mistakes), I packed up my trusty Canon and hopped in an enormous SUV packed with kids, dogs, cooler, chairs, etc. Did you know they make retractable running boards? So. Extremely. Cool.

The idea was that I would be taking pictures, so the families could be in the moment and not worry too much about getting the shot – airhorns, anyone? Turns out, I saw some pretty fancy cameras, some savvy photographers, and I would be willing to bet my shots weren’t the best taken, but I did enjoy it so, and I hope there are a few keepers in the bunch!

Here are a few images of the evening that left an indelible impression on my heart. It was a true privilege to witness the sense of community and commitment these women are bound by. They are every bit as brave and noble as any warrior. I was struck by their passion, their hope and their isolation, even within the crowd.

 God Bless America.

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Out of the Mouths of Babes…

“Momma, you ‘upposed to take pictures of DOGS for you work. Where dogs?” My three year old (with a mild speech impediment, but she’s 3, it’s ok) asked in surprise yesterday while I was working on the post with pictures of Baby E (below, if you missed them!). Touche’ Little Bean. Glad to know I’m not the only one enjoying this! Oh, and if anyone knows how I can convince her she’s not getting a “poodle doggie” for her birthday, that would be great. We might have to give the Bichon a creative haircut…

One of these things is not like the others…

Oh, Baby!

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 So this sweet thing is not a typical FourFootPhotography client…you will notice an alarming lack of fur and only 2 feet, but isn’t she adorable nonetheless? I was lucky enough to take her 6 month pictures, as she belongs to my neighbor and friend. Can you even stand those blue eyes?