The Belinski-Cashmans

Nothing makes being a photographer more enjoyable than photographing good lookin’ people who love each other, in a beautiful location, and here, I give you Exhibit A: The Belinski-Cashmans.

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I know Momma Michelle from Tender Touch Animal Hospital, where I did employee photographs a few years ago. I was delighted when she asked about Senior Portraits for her second son, Garrett (Class of 2013) last fall. Scheduling and the weather did not cooperate, but after I had such a great time with another reluctant to be photographed Senior (Hayden) in January, I checked back with Michelle (I try not to be pushy, but am always willing! Did I mention their gorgeous Kingston farm? You may recognize the dog, Max from my business cards), and not only did she still want me to do a Senior session, she hadn’t had family portraits in years.  This is something I preach all the time, we ALL need photos of our families! Doesn’t matter if your family is you and a spouse; you and a child; you and a dog; you and your girlfriend; you and a spouse and 3 children; you and 9 cats; you, your spouse, your kids and 2 dogs; you, a cat and your boyfriend – YOU are the common denominator and YOU need to be in the photos! Get your friend and a point & shoot camera, your cellphone, your fancy camera or hire a photographer if you are able, just validate your family by preserving the images. Print them! Hang them! Look at them and remember the fun of doing it, it will get you through some hard times. I have never met anyone who said, “Gee, I’m sorry we did that family session and I wish I hadn’t bought so many photos.” Nope! I have, however, met plenty of people who wished they HAD taken photos. OK, off the soapbox, and back to the Belinskis! We had a lovely evening session at their property with all three kiddos, which was a sweet send off as the family has since sold the farm and moved to a newer house – the boys are off on their own adventures now, and the horses went back to their original home in Hawaii. This is a perfect representation of the fun and love shared between these five individuals, and there is a big, beautiful canvas of the three gorgeous children prominently displayed in the new home.

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