Winter Photo Challenge – Week 1: Natural Light Backlighting

I try to focus {bad photographer pun intended} on one aspect of my business to improve upon each year – my subject for 2014 is lighting, most specifically artificial light, as I have primary used natural light for my photography, with some fill flash as necessary.  Really ALL of photography is about light, and precisely how much is let in to the camera via shutter speed, aperture and ISO.  Light affects not only how we see the image, but how we feel when we see the image. ANYHOO, the Photography Awesomesauce Winter Challenge came across my desk at just the right time, and I decided to jump in, so for the next 22 weeks there will be posts of images taken in conjunction with the weekly challenge.  This week was about backlighting with natural light, and it was, well, kinda dark in my part of the world yesterday and today, so the images I had in mind didn’t quite work out, but this is a Lego robot built by my son, and he wanted a picture of it, so here it is!

Lego Robot

Lego Robot


It is a very cool robot, and there is a mini-figure inside with “controls”. I love that boy.

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