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I really, REALLY hate to say goodbye – but that seems to have been a big theme for 2013. Family, friends, neighbors – it seems like everyone is moving. It is no surprise that April and Markus Franz are moving, as he serves in the US Navy, but I am devastated nonetheless! I first met April and Markus and Dobby in Lisa Ridens’ {Affordable Dog & Puppy Training} puppy class, held at Woodside Animal Hospital, after bringing home a particularly difficult youngish used dog. Dobby was only 4 months old, but ridiculously attentive and obedient, while my wingnut was, well, being himself! I was juuuust starting my business at the time, and got up the nerve to ask Lisa if I could solicit the class for volunteer models to build my portfolio (thank you, Lisa!). It was a class full of beautiful puppies, but April was the only one who took me up on my {free} offer. From that first little puppy shoot, the Franz family grew and evolved along with my fledgling business. It has been fun to go back through the sessions and see their family and my photography evolve and change. We did the last shoot less than two weeks ago. April’s mom was really looking forward to a maternity shoot, but since baby Franz isn’t scheduled to make an appearance for 4 more months, you have to use your imagination a little bit! I have truly appreciated their friendship. So, happy trails Markus, April, Snuggles, Phil, Dobby and Quint!

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Here is a little trip down memory lane – from the first puppy shoot for Dobby, to a Nebraska homecoming, Dobby’s first birthday, Quint’s arrival, promotional shots for April’s business, Shooting Star Services, graduation pictures from her first training class, April’s new truck, Christmas card pictures, real estate shots for renting their Port Orchard home, Halloween, New Years and Baby Shower parties, pregnancy announcement…Thanks for watching my goonies, and loaning me your boys, for long conversations and good meals and …This photographer is going to miss you!







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