Kitsap Humane Society Animal Krackers Auction ~ 2015 Charity ~ Kitsap County Photographer ~ Four Foot Photography

Saturday evening was clear and beautiful for Kitsap Humane Society‘s 22nd annual Animal Krackers Gala Dinner and Auction fundraiser. For the first time, the venue was the lovely new conference center at Clearwater Resort and Casino in Suquamish. A record number of 400 attendees were on hand to support the great work of Kitsap Humane Society, including a who’s who of local dignitaries – mayors, fire chief, judge, Seattle Humane Society and PAWS of Bainbridge leaders and more. Many KHS staff members and countless volunteers pitched in with the event center staff to create a tasty, memorable evening. This year the majority of silent auction items were sold online prior to the event, although there was a long table of baskets and fun things to bid on on hand in addition to the great live auction by Brady Hammrich of local Stokes Auction. I will be excited to amend this posting when the numbers are all in, but the attendees were more than generous, with $89,000 being raised in the Raise the Paddle/Fund A Need portion alone, and records set in all the auction bidding. THIS (you, me, them!) is the reason Kitsap Humane Society has been able to save so many lives and improve services offered. I will try to get my hands on the numbers quoted at the event, but if you’d like a little hope, go to the KHS website for a ticker of animals adopted year to date, it is astounding! Add to that low cost spay and neuter programs, veterinary and behaviour services, transfers in from other areas and animal control getting pets out of harm’s way until they can be reunited with their families and you see how kindness, love, compassion and hard work come together. If you make it through to the end of the pictures you will see magician Nash Fung who was on hand to entertain. He is very talented and will be performing on the Penn and Teller “Fool Us” show on the CW this Monday night (9/28), check it out! As for me, I will be getting busy photographing pets for the KHS 2016 calendar – 6 months were auctioned off (thank you!), as well as the 2017 calendar cover, and 2016 Animal Krackers Spokespet. Follow along on my Facebook page , website , or Instagram (kitsap_photographer), it will be a hoot!






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