Lucky Number 7!


My family has had the EXTREME good fortune of living virtually next door to this family of smart, funny, loyal, caring and thoughtful and real people since before I picked up my first DSLR – if ANYONE should be creating the next generation it is these two (and they’ve not let me down, there are now 5 kiddos in the fold). She’s watched my kids, I’ve watched hers, he’s helped us fix and install things that are beyond us, our boys have been friends as long as they can remember, and our 5 years olds have birthdays 5 weeks a apart. If you’ve been following the blog for a while you will recognize the little bean from her 6 month and 1 year photos. This fall, however, I had the opportunity to photograph all seven of them (that’s 14 feet, if anyone is counting!) for the first time, and I think you will agree they are, beyond their many virtues, just flat out good lookin.

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It is my fervent wish that with these family photographs I have helped to document their story in a meaningful way. Love you guys!

Krista & Baby E

I had the opportunity to photograph such a great family in January. I thought they were styled perfectly (LOOOOOVVE me some toddler boots!). Mom was so calm and mellow (with a baby and a two year old!) that the baby fell asleep, Dad was very cooperative and into it – loved them! Krista’s doll is named “Baby E” and they were a crack up. I thought it was so sweet that she kept kissing her baby brother, until I heard her momma admonish her, “No biting.” Oops! It looked like she was kissing him…

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