Jake * Snohomish High School Class of 2015 * Senior Portraits * Four Foot Photography

THIS guy. I love him. That is all.



Ha! Well of COURSE that is not all. Y’all are silly if you believed that. This is Jake, my handsome, talented and sweet nephew. I have loved him since before he was born, so it was really my great honor to be asked to photograph his Senior Portraits (or maybe I forcefully volunteered…). The day we hit Indianola beach, we had Jake’s Aunt Marianne with us – she is an accomplished portrait artist herself, the first person to hold Jake when he was born, and the kind of funny that makes for a super good time. I know I had fun, and Jake was most tolerant of the zany aunties. Jake is kind and intelligent, and sings like an angel – a very macho angel, but still, it is beautiful. Can’t wait to see where you take it from here, buddy. Mad love, Auntie Mary.

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Mason ~ South Kitsap High School Senior – Kitsap County Photographer ~ Four Foot Photography

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I LOVE photographing High School Seniors! There is just something about the place where childhood meets adulthood that is nothing short of magical, and gets me all verklempt. Sweet, childlike vulnerability lingers just under the surface of this confidant, exuberant, full-of-life and filled-with-possibilities-and-promise honest to goodness grown-up. The air around them feels tinged with excitement, their parents’ pride at a job well {if not nearly} done is palpable. It is my great honor to document this time for both senior and family. It makes me happy. That is all.

Mason, South Kitsap High School Class of 2013. I know Mason’s parents to be hard working, tireless and giving, and their children are the ultimate beneficiaries of lives well and thoughtfully lived. Mason is very accomplished at audio/visual work, and as you will see from his attire, has firmly chosen the next step on his life path! It will be a treat to see what this young man brings to the world.

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Spectacular Seniors…Hayden!

When we talked about scheduling a senior session for her son, Kris was very matter of fact in telling me he really didn’t want any taken, and only agreed to it for her. No worries, I’m in! I don’t know what I was subconciously expecting – attitude, snarkiness, subterfuge – but Hayden was the exact opposite. Sweet, funny, charming, polite, even in the face of my goofiness – I could have photographed him all day (except it was mercilessly cold!).  Now I’m trying to convince Kris and her husband to raise my little beans – I should be so lucky that they would turn out to be such fine individuals! Graduating in South Kitsap High School’s class of 2013, Hayden plays lacrosse and is headed to EWU in the fall. Love him!

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