SuperMom and her Super Dogs

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I can’t tell you how eagerly anticipated Peter Parker and his cousin, Riley, were into the lives of these sisters! Claire is an amazing woman (I know, she looks 18, it’s disgusting), patient, creative and fabulous in every way. She contacted me several weeks ago to let me know that her sister was “expecting” – yup! A Mini Aussie was on his way! She wanted to set up a puppy session as a gift to her sister (how awesome is that?!). If you’ve followed the blog, you met Claire, her husband, Josh, their adorable boys, Matthew and Nathan, and their “super” dogs, Bruce and Lois last summer. Naturally, in meeting the puppies, one caught Claire’s eye and sure enough, she let me know I would be photographing TWO puppies! Bruce and Lois now have a third wheel, one Peter Parker! Here’s a peek at my favorites, with Riley’s sneak peek coming Monday. He is currently on his way back to Idaho with his parents, and Claire and Peter Parker are feeling a little blue, so this is for you, Claire!

3 thoughts on “SuperMom and her Super Dogs

  1. Those are some of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me! I teared up a little! Thank you for getting such beautiful pictures of the new little guy. And for cheering me up on a blue day. 🙂

  2. Claire! I was so intent on getting your sneak peek up on Saturday I felt my words were woefully inadequate. You are so much more, and trust me, they may not be saying them to you, but people are saying nice things ABOUT you pretty much 24/7. You rock, and that puppy is soooooo, oh, well YOU know. Cuuuuuuuuute!

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