FFP Tribute to Sneaky the Wonder Cat – Kitsap County Photographer ~ Four Foot Photography

You love your animals. All of them. Their quirks, their paws, their cold noses, their slobber, their smell, their attitude, the way they walk. Every pet you have ever had (and some of you have had a lot!) lives in your heart, I know that. You always wish you had more time with them, but there’s one who was special. Your heart dog, your soul mate. They might have been gone for years, or it is the rescue you brought home last week, your puppy or your 8 year old cat, but they just get you, there is a connection, a deeper understanding. This post is a tribute to Sneaky, Dr Monica Wlodarchak’s best friend, her love, her confidante, advisor, keeper of secrets. She had to say goodbye to 19 year old Sneaky last week, and while she has other pets and has cared for so many others through Tender Touch Animal Hospital , Poulsbo Animal Clinic, and as an emergency vet, my heart breaks for her. Is it inevitable? Yes. Does that make it any easier? Not at all. I covet your prayers and positive ju-ju for her to get through the next few weeks.


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If you click on the Tender Touch Animal Hospital link above, you can read Sneaky’s biography, and get a glimpse into his life with Dr Monica, from a tiny, abandoned kitten, to big cat on campus, to vet companion. 19 years of devotion. I first met Sneaky in the summer of 2011, while photographing the staff for their employee portraits – he lived up to his name! Dr Monica does have some beautiful artwork from that session to validate her years of memories, and I hope that is a small comfort. Many people tell me they are afraid they will forget the details of their furry companions, but I can tell you from experience I still remember each of my pets’ smell, their fur, their favorite things, although I last said goodbye in 2006. I saw Sneaky most recently at the Tender Touch Open House in September (the images with the blue sweater!), and watched in amazement as Dr Monica flipped him over and nonchalantly did a blood draw from his jugular mid sentence. He was really just there for her, hanging on to provide the love and companionship she needed. Sneaky was a one of a kind wonder cat, and to say he will be missed, well, it just isn’t enough. Love you little guy, rest well.

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One thought on “FFP Tribute to Sneaky the Wonder Cat – Kitsap County Photographer ~ Four Foot Photography

  1. Dear Mary:
    Thank you so much for the beautiful, honest, thoughtful, and empathic tribute to Sneaky. You have such a heart and soul of goodness and I am so blessed to count you among my friends.

    As you can imagine, it has been a tough few weeks but I am taking it one day at a time. Your amazing photos of my boy sure bring me solace and peace. I am so fortunate to have them. Your skills and creativity know no bounds and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the priceless treasures that you have given me.

    Claire first told me about your tribute when it was initially posted. It took me a few days to read it, mostly because I have been trying to maintain a level of professionalism at work and uncontrollable crying does not always install a level of confidence in my patients or clients. When I was brave enough to read it, those spontaneous tears were once again rolling down my cheeks. Thereafter, it was just as difficult to gather my thoughts and let you know how precious your tribute to Sneaky is to me. Even now, while writing this, the tears flow easily as I remember Sneaky’s antics and the way he always tried to stand on the keyboard while I was typing!

    I have so many memories of my time spent with Sneaky over the last 19 years that it is difficult to think of just one. Today at work, we began to discuss Sneaky out of the blue and we all started sharing memories. We were laughing so much that in some cases we couldn’t talk. In many ways it was the beginning of healing our grief. As you know, Sneaky spent a lot of time at the clinic with me as well as the staff too. Although he and I had an amazing and unbreakable bond he also had a great capacity to unconditionally love others too.

    I will always miss the light of my life, soul mate, and the most amazing cat I have ever been blessed to know let alone to love so deeply. Thank you for your words of wisdom, love, and remembrance. You are truly an extraordinary person.


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