Port Orchard 2014 Senior and Family Photography – Matala Family – Kitsap County Photographer ~ Four Foot Photography

High School Seniors are always such a fun assignment! Not only are ALL 18 year olds good looking, they are vibrant, interesting and full of anticipation – and that is where the similarities end – it is cool beans to meet, even for a short time, these young adults, who seem to be all lit up from inside, and focused on what lies ahead. I love to include mom, dad or a sibling/friend in the session, but my favorite is to photograph the whole family, and the Matala family was all in, even Sadie the Sheltie. These folks are a blue print for how to enjoy your family photography session. More fun, open and playful I could not have asked for, but I suspect they are always genuinely enjoying their life together. A senior’s achievements are always impressive, but how awesome to take the time to freeze this moment, enjoy each other, and make memories together as your young person goes out into the world. Thank you!


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