Golden Hour – Gorgeous Light

If you have booked a photography session with me, most likely we have talked about the Golden Hour – the yummy, warm, golden light that occurs the hour or so before the sun sets. I usually spend more time obsessing about this perfect window during the summer, when we have actual sun to set here in the somewhat grey Northwest (!). However, the Winter Lighting Challenge I have been participating in brought the Golden Hour to the forefront this week, with a Golden Hour Portrait as the assignment. I had a fantastic idea for a styled shoot, which… I will have to complete in the future. Today is the final day to post my submission, so it needed to happen on the family trip to Zoolights, which was tonight, the last night – oooh, a procrastination trend! I am literally down to the final hour, so I will be adding the Zoolights images to the post as I get through them.

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Squishy, Shiny and New

Look who came to see me?! How great is it to have repeat clients? Great, great, GREAT! Especially when they produce such magnificent subject matter. EVAN could not be a more perfect baby, AND his parents brought me coffee. Jus’ sayin’.

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Just look at those sparkly eyes, squishy toes, fuzzy hair. Argh. So. Stinkin. Cute.














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